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Our Services

RaceMaker Productions offers professional race consulting and services. We can help you as an organization looking to create an event fundraiser, or a corporation/business looking to put an event idea into action in efforts of marketing your product and reaching set goals. Our staff and team has spent over  15 years in the endurance world, and have a history of providing event services for races raging from 100 to 20,000 athletes. We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly gain the understanding of our clients and take there ideas, passions, goals, and needs from the brainstorming phase to the event of their dreams. Contact us today to find out how we can make your dream event a reality.

What We Offer

  • Course Design
  • Course Maps
  • Event Sanctioning
  • Professional Staffing
  • Bike Racks
  • Mileage Markers
  • Transition Banners/Hangers
  • Finish Line
  • Start Line
  • Buoys
  • Tables
  • Tents
  • 5 Gallon Coolers
  • Cones
  • DJ Equipment/Services
  • Advertisement
  • Logo Design
  • Timing Services
  • Video Production
  • Photography


We have experience timing events from 100 athletes to over 20,000 athletes. We utilize only the best equipment in the industry: Mylaps Sports Timing. We offer several timing options allowing events all sizes the opportunity to have electronic timing at their race.


Reusable Chips-these chips are attached to a velcro strap that goes around the ankle. All chips must be collected at the end of the race. These are ideal for triathlons, multi-sport races, and small running events up to 400 athletes.


Disposable Chips: Timing chips are attached to the shoe, and athletes do not have to return them after the race. They are also great for sponsorships as you can print a logo on each chip.



Bibtag Timing: State of the art timing device attached to the Bib. Same timing system used in the nations most prestigious events- Boston, Chicago, Houston Marathon!


Announcer Mats: We offer announcer matts  that we can set up just before the finish line so that DJ’s/Announcers know who is crossing the finish line the entire race!


Start/Finish Lines: We offer inflatable arches for both the start and finish line.


Timing Clocks: We offer timing clocks so athletes & spectators can easily see unofficial times along the course, and at the finish.


Results: We post all results regularly as athletes finish at all events. We will also print out overall and age group results for award ceremonies. An electronic file for all results are immediately given to the RD at the conclusion of the event, and posted online at Lastly we can provide you with scrolling results, or an option to allow athletes access to their results by typing in bib numbers on their smartphones at a link set up specifically for your event.


Contact us Today: If you are looking for a timing quote please email or call today!

Email:  Call: 317-625-2223

Rental Items

We offer all items needed for a successful swim, bike, run, or triathlon race.

Course Signage: Our course signage is unique as you have the option to completely customize your course signage. We offer large A-frames that you can use with either RMP branded mile/course inserts, or  custome course signs that can be created to your race/brand. These a prefect way to raise even more money for your event and give sponsors prime spots for impressions!

Event Fencing: We have thousands of feet of custom fabric fencing. Make your next event pop with our bright yellow RMP raise the Bar fencing. We also offer blank black fabric fencing.

Cones: Every race needs cones, and we have you covered for your next course to be as safe as possible for the athletes and motorists!



Whether you are looking to raise funds, launch a product/brand, or just execute a flawless event-we are here to manage the event of your dreams. We specialize in designing, permitting, insuring, marketing, and executing races of all types. Call us today to start the process of marking you dream event a reality!